Conference on the Move

Broken Hill

Broken Hill, Mount Gambier
12 – 15 October 2018

Conference on the Move Broken Hill will provide participants with a unique opportunity to visit this historic frontier mining town in the far west of New South Wales, gateway to the Australian outback. Also referred to as the Silver City, Broken Hill has a rich cultural, mining and art history with numerous attractions and points of interest.

The ore body that was discovered in 1883 was one of the world’s richest deposits of silver, zinc and lead, and Broken Hill was the birthplace of the mining giant Broken Hill Proprietary Limited – BHP (now BHP Billiton). Although the part of the lode that was originally above ground has been completely mined away, underground mining activities continue to this day.

The region was first settled by the Wilijakali people, once thought to have only intermittently lived in the area because of the lack of permanent water sources. However, it has since been found that the Indigenous clans of the area were able to survive on underground water holes and wells that were unknown to the European settlers. Many of these waterholes are still kept secret from non-Indigenous people.

Arriving in Broken Hill on Thursday, 11 October, you will spend two full days in Broken Hill and surrounds, and then a further two days on a road trip to Mount Gambier for Muster 2018, arriving at 17:00 so delegates can attend the Welcome Cocktail event on Monday evening starting at 17:30. Activities in Broken Hill and on the trip to Mount Gambier will include:

  • A workshop (run in two sessions over two days) to explore a little-used tool for assessing and remediating clinical reasoning in medical students
  • Visits to health facilities like the local health service, the iconic Royal Flying Doctor Service, and the Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation, to see first-hand how healthcare is delivered to the local population and wider region
  • A visit to the University of Sydney’s Department of Rural Health to see how education is delivered to medical and other healthcare students in a remote setting
  • Social events like a BBQ dinner on the verandah of the Palace Hotel (of Priscilla Queen of the Desert fame), sunset drinks at the Sculpture Symposium, a visit to the nearby historic mining town of Silverton including the Silverton Pub (of Mad Max fame), and a creek bed BBQ under the southern night sky
  • Free time to take in the numerous art galleries, see other historic attractions, or just breathe in the outback atmosphere
  • A road trip from Broken Hill to Mount Gambier, which will include an overnight stop and guided tour of Lake Mungo National Park – the site of Indigenous habitation dating back some 50,000 years and an area of tremendous cultural significance for the local Indigenous people; it will also include a brief visit to Flinders University’s Rural Clinical School in Renmark.

Getting to Broken Hill

Getting from Broken Hill to Mount Gambier
Delegates who purchase the full package will be provided with transport from Broken Hill to Mount Gambier. Arrival time in Mount Gambier on Monday 15th October 2018 is 17:00.

Group bookings have been made at the Red Sands Motel and Willyama Motel, as well as Mungo Lodge on the border of Mungo Lodge National Park. Accommodation is included in the price of option 1 (full package) and option 3 (Broken Hill activities).

Climate in Broken Hill
Broken Hill has a warm, dry desert climate. Expected temperatures in October range from average highs of around 25°C (77°F) to average lows of around 12°C (54°F). Expected monthly rainfall in October is 25mm, and relative humidity is around 30%.

Educational Program

Activity Learning Outcome
Tour of Broken Hill UDRH Participants will describe how multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and extended medical student health education is delivered in a remote site
Tour of Broken Hill Health Service Participants will examine how health care is delivered to the population in around an isolated town in Australia’s outback, and what happens when services required are not immediately available
Visit Royal Flying Doctor Service Participants will describe how primary, emergency and interhospital transfer services are offered by the RFDS to a sparsely-populated geographic region the size of England and Wales
Visit Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Service Participants will reflect on the delivery of culturally appropriate primary health services to the Indigenous population in Broken Hill and surrounding communities, especially chronic disease treatment and prevention activities
Workshop – The Language of Medicine The aim of the workshop is to contribute to the validation in an Australian setting the findings of the research done in North America that there is a direct correlation between the language that students and clinicians use and their level of clinical reasoning expertise.
The workshop will a) provide participants with a little-utilised tool to identify students who may be struggling with their clinical reasoning abilities, and b) give them a method to build competence and confidence in clinical reasoning in these students.
It will be open to participants from all health disciplines as well as those at all levels of training and experience, from students through to experienced practitioners.

Please check the General Information page for accreditation details for the Conference on the Move. 

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Option 1
Broken Hill to Mount Gambier including all transport, accommodation and some meals.

Option 2
Broken Hill activities including accommodation and some meals. Excludes Lake Mungo and transport to Mount Gambier.

Option 3
Broken Hill activities – intended for Broken Hill residents who wish to travel to Mount Gambier for Muster 2018. Includes educational and social activities in Broken Hill, Mungo Lodge accommodation and transport to Mount Gambier. Excludes accommodation in Broken Hill. 

Option 4
Broken Hill educational and social activities only – intended for Broken Hill residents who do not wish to travel to Mount Gambier. Excludes accommodation and transport.

Kangaroo Island

Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Mount Gambier
13 – 15 October 2018

Conference on the Move Kangaroo Island will provide participants with a unique opportunity to visit this sanctuary for wildlife and natural, rugged beauty just minutes from the mainland and 112 km southwest of Adelaide. The island is one of South Australia’s most popular tourist attractions with several nature reserves, brilliant local cuisine, unique island products, stunning walks and adventure.

Kangaroo Island separated from mainland Australia around 10,000 years ago, due to rising sea levels after the last glacial period with evidence showing Aboriginal inhabitants as long as 16,000 years ago. The first settlers early in the 19th century were sealers and whalers but these days the economy is mostly agricultural (grapes, honey, wool, meat and grain), with southern rock lobster and tourism growing rapidly. Kangaroo Island also has South Australia’s only eucalyptus oil distillery with oil distilled from the endemic Kangaroo Island Narrow Leaf Mallee.

Arriving in Kangaroo Island on Saturday, 13 October, you will stay overnight in beautiful Kingscote, the largest town on the island and South Australia’s oldest European settlement. In the afternoon of Sunday, 14 October you will travel back to mainland Victor Harbor for an overnight stay and then onto Mount Gambier Monday morning for Muster 2018, arriving in time for the Welcome Cocktail event on Monday evening. Activities in Kangaroo Island and on the trip to Mt Gambier will include:

  • An Interprofessional clinical simulation workshop that will immerse participants in a simulated trauma aimed at highlighting the unique geography, isolation and clinical challenges of living on a remote island.
  • A cultural awareness workshop enabling participants to meet local Aboriginal Elders, who will provide context and overview of the social, emotional and cultural impacts of colonisation on the local Aboriginal groups.
  • Opportunities to meet and network with local clinicians, medical students and community members in workshop and social situations to gain insight into the clinical primary care and social wellbeing services that are provided to the local community.
  • Social events like a Dinner workshop at the Aurora Ozone Hotel Zone Restaurant where participants can take in the stunning views overlooking Nepean Bay and experience the fresh seafood and local Kangaroo Island produce.
  • An unforgettable wildlife experience visiting Seal Bay to watch endangered sea-lions basking on white beaches and Raptor Domain to get up close and personal (in a safe environment) to some of the most deadly creatures in the world and experience the only “In-Flight” Birds of Prey display in South Australia. Also a visit to the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park that will include patting koalas, feeding kangaroos and seeing other Australian wildlife. Koala holding and snake holding is available at an extra cost. 

Getting to Kangaroo Island – Saturday 13th October
A coach will be available to transport participants by road from Adelaide to Cape Jervis (2 hours south of Adelaide). The coach will be departing from Adelaide & Glenelg at approx. 07:15 on Saturday 13th October 2018. From there the coach will be transferred onto the Sealink ocean ferry to Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island.

Getting from Kangaroo Island to Mount Gambier
A mini-van will depart Victor Harbor early on Monday 15th October to accommodate those delegates wishing to attend the LIC 101 workshop in Mount Gambier commencing at 13.00.

All other delegates will arrive in Mount Gambier at 15:45 (prior to the commencement of the Welcome Cocktail Evening at 17:30).

Group bookings have been made at the Aurora Ozone Hotel and Kangaroo Island Seaside Inn, as well as McCracken Country Club in Victor Harbor.

Climate in Kangaroo Island
Kangaroo Island has a Mediterranean climate, however the use of warmer clothing is advised for the evening hours, when cool southern sea breezes sweep across the land. Expected temperatures in October range from average highs of around 20°C (69°F) to average lows of around 10°C (50°F). Expected monthly rainfall in October is 38mm with very low humidity.

Educational Program

Activity Learning Outcome
Cultural Awareness Workshop Participants will describe a historical overview and define the local Aboriginal groups of Kangaroo Island. They’ll examine the impacts of colonisation on current health and wellbeing status of these communities and explain the importance of country and land.
Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Workshop During a simulated trauma situation participants will discuss the clinical challenges of living on a remote island and collaborate with the Interprofessional practice community in a remote context.
Dinner Workshop Participants will identify with the clinical and social needs of the community. They’ll assess the population health needs and how they are being met by networking with local service providers, community members and medical students undertaking longitudinal clinical placement.

Please check the General Information page for accreditation details for the Conference on the Move. 

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