Abstract Submission is Closed

The Global Community Engaged Medical Education Muster Conference 2018 is no longer accepting abstracts.

Program Themes

People & Communities
Community Engaged Medical Education seeks to ensure that communities are empowered to shape medical education for the benefit of all health professionals. This theme focuses on social accountability and seeks presentations which highlight community engagement processes and outcomes for: learners, individuals, community organisations and government stakeholders.

Longitudinal and Integrated Training
This theme seeks to entwine clinical learning around the patient as a central core. It draws together clinical sciences and the art of medicine. The meshing of specialty disciplines enables longitudinal integrated clerkships. Inter-professional education integrates learning for a range of health students, bringing them together in teams. Learning can be integrated with assessment to measure progress over time.

Culture and Wellbeing
Internationally, the health industry still struggles with discrimination and processes which disproportionately impact on the wellbeing of the most vulnerable consumers and providers. This theme explores how community-engaged medical education seeks to build inclusive cultural perspectives in health services and health education. We invite abstracts which focus on the empowerment of Indigenous and First Nations people; the safety of patients and consumers and the wellbeing of learners and staff within Universities and health professionals within clinical settings.

Rural Workforce
Communities are no more invested in medical education than in rural areas, where the medical workforce is often fragile. This theme seeks to explore the impact of Community Engaged Medical Education programs on rural health workforce, sustainable models of training and workforce outcomes from rural Community Engaged Medical Education programs.

With the option to choose the following “audience” options to assist with program scheduling (author can choose single or multiple audiences or none at all).

  • Franchophone
  • Administrator
  • CLIC
  • Aboriginal